12 Nov

When You Lose Your Virginity What Actually Happens? Facts and Myths

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Losing one’s virginity is a once in a lifetime, unique yet exciting experience. It’s almost impossible to fathom what your experience would be like as it is very different for different people. But, due to this, several myths have made people quite apprehensive or even misguided them as to what they should expect from their ‘first’ time. In this piece, we shall talk about what losing your virginity will feel like, how can you feel and stay safe during it and what are some of the common myths surrounding the notion of virginity.

Major Concerns and Myths about Virginity

When you haven’t experienced something as intimate as sex, you can believe anything you hear about sex – whether it’s true or not. That’s we are going to address some of the broader issues and concerns you may have.

  • Can you get pregnant from having sex the very first time?

Yes. If you are having sex which involves the insertion of penis inside the vagina, there’s a high chance of getting pregnant. Unless, you practice safe sex methods such as pulling out or using contraceptives, you can end up with an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy.

  • Do it hurt the first time?

Yes and no. It all depends on your personal condition and the way you go about it. If you talk to your partner and convey your apprehensions, you may still feel the awkwardness of new sensation but avoid greater pain. Same goes for guys, they might feel a little pain due to friction unless you use safe lubricants, made for the purpose of making sexual encounters safe.

  • What is consent and can it be withdrawn during sex?

Consent is important aspect of any sexual experience. During any point of the experience, if you or your partner feel uncomfortable, you can ask the other to stop. Consensual sex is the only way to ensure the safety, enjoyment and comfort of both partners.

  • Will I bleed during my first time?

No, it’s necessary. It’s a common myth associated with virginity. Generally, during the first time, the girl is expected to bleed as her hymen gets torn by the penetration of the penis. But that’s not always the case – if a girl doesn’t bleed doesn’t mean she isn’t a virgin. It just means her hymen was either broken during other activities such as jumping, riding a bicycle or was simply too strong to be broken by the angle the penis was inserted inside the vagina.

Now, the last and final question – how will you feel? Sex is a natural and wonderful thing to experience. Some people feel joy, others feel confused while some don’t feel anything particular at all. Sex is something that you figure out after a while – what you like and what you don’t. As long as there’s consent and you employ safe sex measures, you can have sex at any point in your life.

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