13 Nov

What Does It Actually Mean to Be Sexually Active?

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Have you ever stopped and wondered for a moment when your GE asks you this question? Well, even if you haven’t, you must have wondered what it really means to be sexually active. Generally, being sexually active is perceived or thought to be associated with having sexual intercourse frequently. A research conducted on the subject showed that being sexually active isn’t just limited to the number or frequency of sexual encounters – it entails a lot more.

To really understand what it actually means to be sexually active, you need to understand sexual activity beyond sexual intercourse. It includes a broader scale of intimate acts such as cuddling, kissing and even handholding. Anything that is done out of sexual desire and constitutes as intimate can be defined under the umbrella of sexual activeness.

You can even look at it this way – being sexual active is not just limited to or define by the number of times you have had sex in a week but also by the quality of your sexual encounters over the period of time. A young person may even equate being sexual active as being active in bed. If you were wondering that too – you are wrong. Even if you just lay in bed while your partner makes love to you, as long you are having sex you are, and can consider yourself, sexually active.

Although, if your doctor asks you this question, what they really want to know if you have involved in sexual activity which includes the insertion of penis inside your vagina or anus or the penetration of your penis inside someone else’s nether regions. So, whenever your doctor asks you if you are sexually active, say yes only if you have done something that involves penetration orally, vaginally or anally.

The most situations where you would expect this question to be asked will be medical situations where a doctor would either trying to ascertain whether the symptoms you have are from being pregnant or from an undetected sexually transmitted disease. So, now you have an understanding of what sexually active means and why you may be asked about. With luck and safe sex habits, you can ensure that you neither end with an unplanned pregnancy or an unwanted sexually transmitted disease.

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