Eye Contact During Sex
17 Dec

Reasons Why Eye Contact During Sex Feel So Awkward

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Imagine that you are having sex with your partner, now you either have your eyes closed or you’re looking so far in their eyes that both, your body and mind start resonating in harmony. However, it takes a few seconds for a gaze to go from intimidating to creepy – so if you are overwhelmed by the idea of having your eyes locked with your partner, let me take you on a ride that might change your perception about making eye contact during sex forever.

I understand that the vulnerability of making eye contact can be a source of excruciating anxiety. It depends on how well-connected you feel but majorly, on the levels of comfort you have achieved with your partner. So if you are doing it for the first time, it’s only fair if you feel nervous and very conscious of your body. I’m sure you have heard people saying that before being naked in front of somebody, you should first undress their soul – this means if you have attained a certain level of comfort, chances of having joyous sex are automatically higher. This brings us to our following question.


Now that we have established that eye contact is only weird if you are NOT comfortable with someone. Let’s talk about how it can enhance the sex drive and how you can kick your sex life up a notch.

You must have heard the sentence, “Let me look in your eyes, so I know you’re telling the truth.” This sentence alone portrays the intensity and depth of one’s eyes. Looking in your partner’s eyes is the perfect way to intimidate them – locking eyes can be as if you are compelling them to be vulnerable and revealing, in a good way of course. If you have watched Lucifer, you must be aware of how he looks in a person’s eyes and enforces them to reveal their darkest, deepest desires. Isn’t that what you want to do to your partner during sex? Of course, you do. The idea of having power over or on somebody is one the biggest turn-ons itself.


Now, imagine being over your partner, leaning down and softly whispering in their left ear “lock your eyes with me” you felt that, didn’t you? That’s how powerful the language of eyes is, as much it invokes anxiety and discomfort, once you are through with those negative feelings, locking eyes can push your sex life further to another level.

Now that you know the ultimate key to having a joyous, pleasurable and maddening (to some extent) sex. You are only advised to make sure it’s safe and with your partner’s consent – as long as you are having a safe, consented sex, you will be meeting the horizons you didn’t think existed.

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