Sexual Wellness & Gratification KIT – SWAG KIT


What is in your SWAG Kit

  • 1 Crown Condom
  • 1 LifeStyles Rough Rider Studded Condom
  • 1 Trustex
  • 1 ID Studded
  • 1 Joe Lube Packet
  • 1 Lifestyles Liquid Personal Lubricant Packet
  • 1 Trustex Lubricant Packet
  • 1 BackSlide Packet
  • 1 SLiquid Packet
  • 1 Trustex (Scented Dental Dam)
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Sexual Wellness & Gratification KIT (SWAG KIT) – Always be prepared be safe and have mind blowing fun. At the Gashman we believe that being prepared it’s always number one on our list because you never know when a mind blowing opportunity is going to come your way. At the Gashman we like to help you accomplish this goal by offering you our SWAG kit. The SWAG (Sexual Wellness & Gratification) kit is a wallet size carry pouch filled what products to make sure you’re prepared for that wonderful encounter, that your SAFE by having Products such as non-latex condoms for those who are allergic to latex no excuse for not having or using one it’s right there in your SWAG along with lubricants sexual stimulants and oral protection sheets better known as dental dams no need for running around town trying to find one thing or the other while that moment slips away It’s right there in your SWAG flavored condoms, studded condoms, flavored and non-flavord lubricants so be SAFE and enjoy Order your SWAG kit today.

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