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16 Dec

It’s Time You Should Stop Believing These Sex Myths

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Hope you are not the one (out of the many) who still believe that sex only means inserting the penis into the vagina because if you do, you might have also been misled by numerous other lies about (or relating to) sex. According to research, these myths about sex either, are not healthy for your physical or your mental health.  What you have been believing is NOT correct – but instead, insertion of the penis into the vagina is called vaginal intercourse and that’s not all there’s to sex. So, if you blew your boyfriend or ate your girlfriend, you have had sex. It’s known as oral sex.

Since we have established that there has been a lot of myths about sex going around, let’s explore 5 more sex myths that its time, you finally stop believing.

  1. Virginity is a real thing!

Historically, it only existed to commodify a woman’s sexuality. By now, it should be pretty clear that there is no such thing as virginity, it’s nothing but a social construct. Some of you must be wondering, “This is wrong when I first had sex with a girl she bled.” Let’s clear this misconception once, and for all. The membrane that explodes inside a woman’s vagina is not the sign of her being a virgin. First, it’s called a hymen. Second, it can break just by working out or running very fast. Does that mean she is not a virgin anymore?

Arguably, the concept of virginity places a tag on a woman’s purity leading to slut-shaming or sex-shaming. That being said, if you do have moral beliefs about virginity, it’s okay! Virginity can hold different values to different people.

  1. Size matters!

Does it really? Because according to science, the average penis is only about 5 inches long when erect, and this actually makes sense because the average vagina is about 3-4 inches deep, only! So if you have been getting comments about your average sized penis or if you have been giving out comments to someone’s penis, it’s worth knowing that probably, the guy you heard about – who has a really long penis, and the girl you heard it from – who enjoyed it a lot, both fall into the average size category as well.

  1. You can’t get pregnant if you’re already pregnant!

The truth about this one might just be terrifying for you – so hold tight. The real phenomenon is known as superfetation. It occurs when a woman who is already pregnant continues ovulating and a second egg gets fertilized. But don’t panic, you can still keep having (safe) sex in order to prevent it from happening, and secondly, it’s rare. So rare that there have only been 10 reported cases of superfetation yet. Phew!

  1. Sex burns major calories!

If by sex, you mean having intercourse for 30 straight mins, for about 35 times a day? Then yes you could lose a pound in a day. Theoretically, you will need to be having sex for about 17 and a half hours – that’s just not possible, is it? So no! You do not burn a lot of calories during sex. The number is as small as about 15-16 calories every time you have sex.

By now, it should be established that a lot of things you have been hearing about sex are NOT true. In fact, about 65% of the things you hear about sex are falsified. It’s time we finally stopped telling tales relating to sex because, as mentioned above, it can be potential damaging to one’s mental and physical health.

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