Sex Therapist
20 Dec

Read This To Understand What A Sex Therapist Actually Does

Reportedly, about 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men experience some type of sexual dysfunction in their lives – even with these surprisingly high number of people experiencing sexual problems, sex therapy is still stigmatized. It seems like a lot of you are still confused about what it is and what a sex […]

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Sexual Trauma
19 Dec

How You Can Support A Partner Who’s Going Through Sexual Trauma

A recent study shows that about 20 percent of people in America fall victim to sexual assault – and get traumatized by its aftermaths. If someone you are close to, is experiencing aftereffects of being sexually assaulted, you of all the people would want to help them recover, right? If your partner has been a […]

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Eye Contact During Sex
17 Dec

Reasons Why Eye Contact During Sex Feel So Awkward

Imagine that you are having sex with your partner, now you either have your eyes closed or you’re looking so far in their eyes that both, your body and mind start resonating in harmony. However, it takes a few seconds for a gaze to go from intimidating to creepy – so if you are overwhelmed […]

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Sex Myths
16 Dec

It’s Time You Should Stop Believing These Sex Myths

Hope you are not the one (out of the many) who still believe that sex only means inserting the penis into the vagina because if you do, you might have also been misled by numerous other lies about (or relating to) sex. According to research, these myths about sex either, are not healthy for your […]

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