15 Nov

Can You Get An STD by Having Oral Sex?

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The simple answer to this question is yes. Yes, you can get a sexually transmitted disease even if you engaged in oral sex. Whether you sucked your boyfriend’s cock or had him go down on you, you can catch an STD from him. The number of people who don’t bother taking precautions while engaging in oral sex is high due to the misconception or lack of awareness that STDs or STIs can be spread through oral sex as well.

According to World Health Organization, around 1 million people catch new STIs every day. That’s a staggering number and given the frequency of oral sex around the world, oral sex is potentially one of the leading ways to be afflicted with a sexually transmitted infection or disease. But, don’t be scared. There are only some types of sexually transmitted infections and diseases which can be transferred through oral sex such as genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, genital warts, and even HIV.

You are now probably wondering, ‘hey, I used to opt for oral sex because I thought it was safe, what do I do now to get sexual satisfaction without catching an infection (STD & STI)?’ Don’t be worried. You can still get your vagina or anus licked or your dick blown in a safe way. By either using a condom or a dental dam, you can reduce the chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease immensely.

If you don’t want to reduce the pleasure of your oral sex encounters by using a condom or a dental dam, there are other ways to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases too. Some of these ways include:

  • Get yourself and your partners tested regularly for STIs
  • Thing about being in a monogamous commitment or a long-term relationship with a person who has her or himself screens for all potential STIs.
  • Look out for visible signs or symptoms. Avoid getting or giving oral sex to people with visible outbreak of genital warts, pubic lice or any other type of anomaly.
  • Get treatment for any STI you may have to ensure you don’t play a role in spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

So, whether you want to get your vagina eaten out by your partner or want to get your dick sucked, as long as you take adequate precautions, you can simply lay back and cherish the pleasures of oral sex without any worries or health scares.

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