26 Sep

How Effective Are Condoms in Safe Sex?

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There is no second opinion about it: condoms are safe and effective. They are the greatest protection available against STIs – avoiding the exchange of vaginal fluid and blood between partners. Likewise, they act as a physical barrier to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Condoms and safe sex
How safe is condoms depends a lot on whether or not they are used the right way. For instance, a woman can still get pregnant even if she or her partner is wearing a condom, but incorrectly. Typically, male condoms are around 98% effective to avoid unwanted pregnancies and almost 100% effective at protecting against HIV. Similarly, female condoms are around 95% effective when used properly.

However, to make sure that condoms are always effective, they have to be used from the beginning of sex to the very end, ensuring no STIs are transmitted at any time.

Effectiveness of condoms
The correct use of condoms ensures 100% secure protection against unplanned pregnancies and STIs. However, the quality of the condoms is a primary factor to consider. For couples, it’s crucial to purchase quality condoms from a reliable retailer. This can help them buy high-end condoms which can help them have safe and protected sex every time. Additionally, other factors that ensure the effectiveness of condoms for safe sex includes the material they are made from, how they are used, and how they are rolled out after use, etc.

Size and brand of condoms
It doesn’t matter what brand of condoms to choose unless you are not sure about their quality. However, it’s all-important to choose a proper size to prevent any type of discomfort and risk of leakage. To ensure you get maximum safety and protection, it is imperative to get a condom which suits the size of your penis. Also, find out whether you or your partner is allergic to latex. And in case anyone of you is, buy latex-free condoms.

What can be done to make condoms more effective?
No matter what type of condoms you are interested in purchasing, always make sure to check their expiry date which is found on the individual packaging. Moreover, never wear two condoms as it increases the risk of breakage, defeating the purpose to use them. Finally, to increase their effectiveness, make sure you are using the right lube. Safe sex experts recommend people to use oil-based ones to ensure your sexual experiences are gratifying and safe.

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