20 Nov

5 Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Men

You must have heard the popular line, ‘whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. Well, while that’s a catchy line, it isn’t true. Sexually transmitted diseases aren’t bound by geographical boundaries and if you are having sex with different people without employing basic safe sex precautions, you can and will get infected with a sexually […]

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15 Nov

Can You Get An STD by Having Oral Sex?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Yes, you can get a sexually transmitted disease even if you engaged in oral sex. Whether you sucked your boyfriend’s cock or had him go down on you, you can catch an STD from him. The number of people who don’t bother taking precautions while engaging in […]

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13 Nov

What Does It Actually Mean to Be Sexually Active?

Have you ever stopped and wondered for a moment when your GE asks you this question? Well, even if you haven’t, you must have wondered what it really means to be sexually active. Generally, being sexually active is perceived or thought to be associated with having sexual intercourse frequently. A research conducted on the subject […]

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12 Nov

When You Lose Your Virginity What Actually Happens? Facts and Myths

Losing one’s virginity is a once in a lifetime, unique yet exciting experience. It’s almost impossible to fathom what your experience would be like as it is very different for different people. But, due to this, several myths have made people quite apprehensive or even misguided them as to what they should expect from their […]

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