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Over the past 50 years, times have changed drastically. From the internet to smartphones, the advancement of technology has changed our lives significantly – but one thing that has remained the same is the way we talk about sex and sexual wellness products. Our outdated notions and ways to deal with the topic of sex has led to serious issues. From repressed sexualities to prevalent STDs, the lack of era-specific sex education has become a grave issue. That’s how the Gashman came into being.

Keeping the dearth of proper sex awareness and education in the society, The Gashman is founded with the vision to help people talk about sex and learn how to have a healthy, safe sex life. By offering education and safe sex kits, the Gashman intends to transform the lives of its customers – allowing them to relish healthy, fulfilling and pleasurable sex lives.

At The Gashman, we are helping people overcome the stigma surrounding conversations about sex and sex toys for women. Let’s transcend beyond outdated notions of taboo and abstinence and embrace the future with the help of healthy, safe and active sex lives. In an increasingly progressive society, where LGBTQ has more acceptance as well as premarital sex, it is important to have these conversations. That’s where we come in. At the Gashman, we intend to enrich your sex lives by offering SWAG kits, couples sex kits, the best sex products, and much-needed sex awareness and education.

Our Mission

At The Gashman, we are driven by our mission to spread awareness and help our customers enjoy their sex lives in a safe and healthy way without any restrictions or shame. We believe every adult has the right to choose and act upon their sexual preferences. That’s why we offer a wide range of portable kits to ensure your sexual encounters are safe, pleasurable and enjoyable. Our mission to play our role in educating our clients about safe sex habits without discrimination, shame or judgment – by letting them buy condoms online. At Gashman, we offer safe space to talk about sex – regardless of your sexual orientation – to help you lead an active sex life in a healthy and safe manner.



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