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5 Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Men

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You must have heard the popular line, ‘whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. Well, while that’s a catchy line, it isn’t true. Sexually transmitted diseases aren’t bound by geographical boundaries and if you are having sex with different people without employing basic safe sex precautions, you can and will get infected with a sexually transmitted diseases. If you still don’t get the gravity of how common and dangerous unprotected, unsafe sex can be, here is a list of 5 most common sexually transmitted diseases among men:

  1. Chlamydia

The first and most commonly spread sexually transmitted disease among men is Chlamydia. It’s essentially a bacterial infection which is quite common in younger males with sexually active lifestyles. The dangerous part about this disease is that it does not show immediate symptom and you may not even know if you have it until it gets really strong inside your body. The most common sign of chlamydia in men is urethritis which may cause pain and even bleeding while urinating.

  1. Gonorrhea

The second most common STD among men is gonorrhea, which just like Chlamydia can remain undetected and undiagnosed immediately. It causes pain and discharge while urinating as well as leads to infection in the rectum and throat. If left untreated, this STD can spread to the entire body, resulting in rashes and joint pain. Generally, antibiotics are used to treat this disease.

  1. HIV

The third on our life is HIV also known as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is by far the most feared and widely known sexually-transmitted disease. There are no symptoms for this disease but generally people get fever and flu after two to four weeks of contraction. While there are no cures to the final stages of this diseases, there are a number of medication which can help men manage or prevent the progression of this deadly disease.

  1. Trichomoniasis

Like other common STDs among men, this particular disease does not have any overt symptoms either. It can be contracted through unprotected sex. Trichomoniasis, too, causes pain and burning sensations while peeing. However, if diagnosed properly, it can be cured with just one dose of antibiotic medicine.

  1. Genital Herpes

Genital herpes or warts can be spread through all types of sexual contact – whether it’s just oral sex or interaction of skin. There are primary two types of genital herpes, also known as HSV type 1 and type 2. The former causes the infected person to develop cold sores around their mouth. Whereas, the latter causes warts around the genital warts. It is important to note that the symptoms don’t appear immediately, so it’s possible to infect others before you get visible warts on your mouth or genitals.


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